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What Does the Bible Say About Speaking in Tongues?

Speaking in tongues biblical meaning

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Author — sandra king Regardless of what anyone says about tounges every time I do this my mind becomes clear and is at peace. If they are truly exceptional, then how its unique appearance can be described? How do you study? I had no idea what had happened. In my own ministry, I see more miracles than those who oppose or refuse to follow on to know the Lord.

Speaking in tongues biblical meaning

Don't be robbed of God's gifts by their lack of faith. You'd know it without question and will see results countless testimonies. I have been to churches where you are pressured to seek tongues to be "one of them" and if you don't speak it then you're not among the "chosen". But like I said earlier, been there done that. Friends, if you had been delivered from what Jesus brought me from you'd be out shouting me! Author — BlazingLove I don't consider it a academic Or spiritual question at all. We went to the lab and pregnant she was! But, whatever it is, the Spirit helps, comforts and protects the flash-weakened saints in the spiritual world. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. Author — Jozo Kulis When people who supposedly speak in Biblical tongues admit that tongues can be faked, then there can be an open dialog about this topic. If He truly comforts our hearts with love, mercy and protection, will be our joyfulness, peace as a result of God's grace signified in our prayer? Because I "feel" God moving through my mouth is easier than God moving through my hands to heal someone? That age ring a bell? If Paul says that he prays and sings in tongues then surely it can't be Author — Rich Dan People are always rushing to learn to speak in tongues. He knew the mind of God because He is God. Which contradicts what you said about speaking in tongues to God so no one understands. If a person speaking Russian walks into a hospital emergency room speaking his native language, and tries to tell the staff that he is allergic to penicillin, the staff will seek the guidance of another person who speaks Russian, a person who can literally translate what the Russian means. As you comment further, please keep this in mind, and please continue to respect others as you comment on this very controversial issue. You see, no man, no religion had told me what God could, would or wouldn't do. God Bless Author — please record a session of you Dr. Tongues is for every believer because it's as the Spirit wills, and I gurentee the Spirit wills for every believer to be closer to God. It is stretch, Dr. We must always remember that his goal is to get us to argue back and forth on these issues that really have nothing to do with our salvation and distract us from what we really should be unified about, which is sharing our faith and encouraging and edifying other believers. No more denominations or memberships. So, that position can be debatable. This was Tuesday, October 29,

Speaking in tongues biblical meaning

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  1. This was Tuesday, October 29, Because I chose what gift I wanted from God, as if the choice is mine to decide?

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