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13 Haunted places in Indiana

Podunk indiana

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So schlong, I'll see y'all on the flip-side. To drink alcohol in great quantities; to drink, especially rapidly. Go purchase a whole bunch of morning glory seeds and see if you make it out of the store by any way other than a black and white. To take a narcotics capsule The most bunk party ever. She jumps up, jets into the john with a friend following closely behind, and just starts yuking radioactive puke everywhere. An effeminate young man. Random House Reference vol.

Podunk indiana

One who steals small things obsessively Greek chick n 1. A scream brewed in the back of my throat, but I refused to make more of a scene, so I removed all inflection from my voice. Kerry visits UCSD to gank bitches. Apparently 15 gallons of jungle juice wasn't enough for these chicks. Remember the Soldiers and Sailors Monument. To relax; to calm oneself down. There were some hot freshie chicks and a few live chickens half a star for not making sense. Now chill out and have a nice spring break. Greek dude n Pushing my head back against the headrest, I squeezed my eyes closed. Smith Author — Terry Smith Hey! A knife from Romany chiv "blade," by way of British underworld slang. Brother address to a male. Like the moment before you turn around to find the old man at the grocery store gawking at you. Thank you for your time and cooperation! I was a poor, ugly chick, I would be in such a store in a heartbeat. An effeminate young man. Would someone please get the nuts to tell these fat-as-a-whale chicks that hang out at Price Center to stop wearing those "peek-a-boo" midriff shirts? Dammit, I don't want to be late to the dragshow. We keep getting a bad rap as shit talking, discriminating, desecrating, destructive sons of bitches. Do the kickstep and that will solve all your problems, you jacked up fool! A homeless woman who lives in public places and carries her possessions in shopping bags. A girl or woman, especially a sexually desirable one. A frightening or nightmarish drug experience.

Podunk indiana

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  1. These two bitchsticks threatened to not let me participate in my high school commencement because I didn't want to play with the marching band. What do you think?

  2. Forgetting to be sly, my gaze traveled up his white, collarless shirt and back to his incredible face. So we set out to discover once and for all whether Edna cuts the mustard.

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