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Ninfo meaning

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The surveys conducted revealed that the need for electronic access to statistical data is growing. Delegations expressed the need for a definition of social housing, as countries had a different understanding of the concept. We know that an increase in foreign direct investment is conditioned by the need for peace and security. And it was his arrival that triggered the need for this organization. The financial cost may be significantly raised by the need for heavy administration to allocate subsidies to targeted beneficiaries and prevent abuse. Needless to say, this in no way excludes the need for a definition of extreme poverty from the human rights angle for the purposes of this study.

Ninfo meaning

There was still room for improvement, as demonstrated by the need for two additional weeks of Second Committee activities in However, the need for this service has grown during the past two years, prompting the establishment of such firms. Mexico believes, too, in the need for ongoing, close dialogue between the new East Timor authorities and Indonesia. We therefore see no immediate need for a Mental Health Council. Is there a need for a definition of certain specific types of munitions to which preventive technical measures can be applied? Nevertheless, his delegation remained concerned by the need for further reform of the Organization. So, we logically cannot guarantee the quality of each and every translation. There were differing views on the need for, and level of, international harmonization. I should point out that the need for a supplementary budget does not reflect any inefficiency on the part of the Tribunal. The Islamic Republic of Iran supports the initiatives launched by the International Year of the Family because it believes in the need for expanding collective efforts to eliminate common problems. Our Assembly should send a strong message regarding the need for a sustained policy of conflict prevention, peace-building, reconciliation and international cooperation. Different curricula are now used and there may be a need for their harmonization. She joined other members of the Committee in stressing the need for a definition of the crime of torture in the domestic legislation. The need for a definition of "document" was questioned, but the Working Group decided in favour of retention. Nonetheless, it is likely that there will be a need for international civilian police to remain beyond the date of independence. We continue to believe in the need for a comprehensive reform of the Council. We are aware, too, of the need for this issue to be carefully weighed and believe that possible solutions, including Italy's proposal for a more formal set of subgroups or constituencies, should be seriously studied. The view was expressed that the need for additional staff in some areas of activity could adequately be met through redeployment of staff. Therefore, it cannot automatically be assumed that the need for additional posts can be accommodated entirely through attrition. Similarly, the need for a definition of terrorism that maintains a distinction between the right of people to self-determination and terrorism is even greater today than in the past. In addition, the Dictionary is now supplemented with millions of real-life translation examples from external sources. The Commission report shows that the need for explanations and descriptions is enormous. Some underscored the need for a legally binding agreement. This means that there will be a need for greater openness and transparency in the work of EMEP. Beyond that, there may be a need for a sustained United Nations-sanctioned peacekeeping presence.

Ninfo meaning

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  1. Some Parties have commented on the need for clearer reporting on public participation activities. These are then followed by relevant examples from the Internet.

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