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Springfield High School Haunting

Haunted places springfield mo

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The structure was abandoned for 50 years and today is littered with graffiti and almost completely empty. Make homebuying easier, with Movoto! The plant was built to provide electricity for the New York Central Railroad tracks and became operational in Every time I watch it I get chills thinking of the people in these photos. If you do another video about Missouri you should look into it. And among the crowd was a frail old woman. Daily Vlog Channel http:

Haunted places springfield mo

On a late summer afternoon on the top floor of Waverly Hills, they had a presentation. His wife passed away in May of at only 56 years of age. Very glad to have been able to film this place when I did. Florida Dome Homes Once upon a time, these dome homes were the self-sustaining, state of the art dwellings of an oil tycoon. We experience some paranormal activity when inside and come across some dead animals as well. Its my home town! If you liked this video, you might also enjoy: I take pictures of the places I explore because to me they are nice. The Church of Echo 3. Thank you all for your patience! The curse endures to this day and there are plenty of people who have reportedly had contact with ghosts or felt evil spirits when visiting the area. Tube Unique Wilderness - Skyps: I was told she was a nurse when the place was open. Here we give you the top 10 places to visit in Arizona, USA. Tube Unique Wildernesse - Twitter: See more virtual tours of Route 66 at http: As you watch the video you will see ghostly transitions of times gone by. These abandoned houses stand at the end of a long narrow pathway through the tall brush. If you aren't familiar, that's the long concrete tunnel where the dead were rolled out to be taken away. The journey was hard and lasted about 5 hours round trip without lowering my core temperature so it was not an easy hike but we got to our destination and found the GATEWAY which was located inside a huge cavern the size of a basketball court But while the crack has been there for a couple of years, geologists are only now discovering the scope of it — thanks to the use of new technology. Find us and follow us here: Sony A7s Mirrorless Camera: It appears to have been left this way for quite some time unfortunately. The inhabitants of the town were slaughtered on June 10, , when a Nazi company massacred of its residents, including women and children. I grew up in Kansas City, and am fascinated by ghosts and the paranormal. It was a civil war hospital

Haunted places springfield mo

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