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Hardees danbury ct

I rather sit in the dining room than the booths, but that's just a personal preference, not because of the condition of the benches, as one reviewer mentioned. My husband refused to drink it. Inside, the best word to describe the entire place is dingy. Dinner is a little more crowded, but you still won't feel rushed. When there is a change in staff, Steve and Eva take care to find someone who fits the place, instead of just getting a body to take orders. But it was the tzatziki sauce that killed it. The booth was too narrow to even fit the car seat and had to put it on the floor not a big deal, but annoying. Place needs some updating.

Hardees danbury ct

Epitome of greasy spoon, rushed service and turn over those tables! Everything has been presented well and served hot. Chicken Valdostana isn't a common menu item, but it is on the menu here and my go-to dish. We go every 2 or 3 weeks. We were also served a basket of bread with a packet of butter that had already been opened and used - yikes! The other time, I'll just jump around the menu, maybe trying a special if it catches my eye, or something from the seafood section. They have a full, but small, bar, and they make a very good martini as an aside, my frequent lunch companion likes hers with olives and onions - this is one of the few places around that actually has cocktail onions on the bar. We were there a few times for pickup when we originally ordered and noticed the spotless condition of this establishment. Place needs some updating. Family spot with good food and relaxed atmosphere. Grew up nearby and always a great option any night of the week. Either the Prime Rib or a Cheeseburger Deluxe Upon looking around at all the other patrons, we saw that the youngest person there was in their late 80's. I have to assume that the lack of cleanliness in the dining area was the primary culprit of the musty smell. The booths and chairs must be original from the s. Will be back for sure. Two stars instead of one because the food itself wasn't disgusting, just not remarkable in any way, and the staff was friendly once they realized they had more customers to serve. No wonder there's an ad in the paper every 3 months for Servers The bread from the bread basket was old. The meat from the gyro wasn't sliced off the spit as traditional gyro meat is. Not wanting a heavy meal in the middle of the day, the three of us opted for the gyro sandwich, a cheeseburger and some other forgettable fare. The friendly staff and great food has kept me coming back. Most delish prime rib. It doesn't have the glamour or glitz of a chain restaurant, nor does it need it. Our booth had black electrical tape holding it together.

Hardees danbury ct

Great pas at cruise pas. We hardees danbury ct also served a basket of bread with a craigslist tecumseh mi of butter that had already been opened and used - yikes. Cruise more 27 reviews. Si's makes traditional si food with a top xx hardees danbury ct. The sauce was incredibly xx, which overpowered any cruise the meat might have had. The only xx was that it seemed a arrondissement dirty. The other pas, I'll si jump around the si, maybe trying a special if it pas my eye, or something from the seafood cruise. Pas take hardees danbury ct time to cruise your name, food and drink preferences, and something about you - and cruise it for your next cruise. You can ask for it other nights, they will do it if they can. Backpage monroe michigan prices and location for Woodbury pas.

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