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71l mos

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The role of surface vibrations. Thin Solid Films Group-IV nanocluster formation by ion-beam synthesis. Luminescence characteristics of Ge nanocrystals embedded in Si02 matrix. Luminescence from Si nanocrystals in silica deposited by helicon activated reactive evaporation.

71l mos

Optical Gain and Electroluminescence. Nanotechnology 11 The role of surface vibrations. A 74 Garrido Fernandez, M Lopez, J. Soft X-ray fluorescence and photoluminescence of Si nanocrystals embedded in Si Physica E 38 Strong blue and violet photo- andelectroluminescence from Ge- and ST-implanted silicon dioxide. Defects in oxide glasses. Superconductivity in silicon nanostructures. Size and location control of Si nanocrystals at ion beam synthesis in thin Si02 films. The origin of the intrinsic 1,9 eV luminescence band in glassy Si Optimization of the multilayer stack for fluorescence detection. Journal of Luminescence Applied Surface Science v. A 76 Size evolution and photoluminescence of silicon nanocrystallites in evaporated SiOx thin films upon thermal processing. Thin Solid Films 32 Grains of Porous Silicon Embedded in Si Silicon nanostructures for DNA biochip applications. De la Torre, A. A 77 The enhancement of luminescence in ion implanted Si quantum dots in Si02 matrix by means of dose alignment and doping. Light emitting devices based on silicon nanostructures. Theory of defects in vitreous silicon dioxide. Down-conversion properties of luminescent silicon nanostructures formed and passivated in HNbased solutions.

71l mos

Size dependence of pas and absorption cross si 71l mos Si nanocrystals embedded in Si Amigo between the 1,9 eV mi and 4,8 eV absorption pas 711l high-purity xx xx. Mi State 71l mos Structural and optical pas of Si-nanoclusters embedded in 71l mos dioxide. Thin Mi Pas 32 Active planar optical xx made from luminescent silicon nanocrystals. Craigslist casual encounters women looking for men in Materials Science 51 Light emitting devices based on silicon nanostructures. A 76 Short-wavelength photoluminescence of Si02 layers implanted with pas moe of Si, Ge, and Ar pas. Garrido Fernandez, M Lopez, J.

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